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Create engaging and informative copy for your website that is consistent with your brand and purpose

  • Direct response copywriting: home and contact pages, social ads
  • Marketing copywriting: landing pages, newsletters and sales emails
  • SEO copywriting: product descriptions and categories, landing pages
  • Technical copywriting: health and wellness, fashion and beauty sectors

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Get you noticed on the right social media sites for your business to grow brand loyalty and awareness

  • Create and promote content on popular social media sites
  • Respond and engage with followers and posts
  • Research keywords and trends in the industry
  • Post at optimal times of the day and week
  • Grow brand loyalty and awareness
  • Review analytics to improve social media campaigns

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Make search work for you through keyword planning, formatting such as headings, and compelling page copy

  • Research keywords, LSI keywords (semantically related), and FAQs in the industry
  • Proper keyword placement in URL, title tag, first 100 words, and H1 and H2 tags
  • Craft eye-catching titles using numbers and intriguing language
  • Provide detailed meta-descriptions
  • Incorporate internal and external links

Email Marketing

Run email marketing campaigns with strong subject lines and calls-to-action that convert your customers

  • Personalize marketing emails to the reader
  • Drive sign-ups through social media
  • Utilize A/B testing to determine successful subject lines
  • Insert excellent imagery to aid interest and comprehension
  • Construct compelling calls-to-action that convert
  • Optimize for viewing on any device through responsive design